South Africa Mission Work:

Evangelistic Tent Crusades:

Using GWI-purchased truck, tent, P.A. System, literature and musical instruments, Rev. Cronje ventures out into the townships all across South Africa to conduct tent outreaches tribal villages. These outreaches have been tremendously effective in touching the lives of many living on the ‘ragged edge’ of South African society.

Pastor’s Training Connections:

Many South African pastors have very little theological training. GWI meets this need by sponsoring week-long conferences for pastors and their wives. Experienced pastors and seminary professors from the U.S. partner with GlobeWorks to raise up a new generation of solid, grounded, and Godly leaders.

Ministry Resources:

Many pastors in developing nations lack the funds to purchase needed ministry supplies and resources. GWI uses gifts designated for our South African ministry to purchase gospel tracts and booklets and to establish theological resource libraries used by pastors in Capetown and the surrounding areas.

Special Outreach Opportunities:

Some doors open more easily to visitors from another country. GWI teams are able to gain welcome access to public schools, youth detention centers, radio and TV outlets and federal prisons to openly share the gospel of Christ.