Russia Mission Work:

Working with our GlobeWorks affiliate missionary, Dr. Alexey Kolomiytsev, GobeWorks helps sponsor Russian Bible camps, conferences, and ministry in several areas:


Four summer Bible camps that hosts over 450 Russian teens per season. We strongly believe the way forward in Russia is though the new generation of passionate young Christians God is raising up. Camp Logos has a real impact by offering concentrated Bible instruction in an encouraging and beautiful Black Sea and Siberian environment. Camp Logos is made possible by the designated giving of partners like you who have a burden to see the Gospel planted in the rich soil of Russian youth. GWI provides scholarships to our Slavic youth to attend the summer camps.


A two-year program training Russian nationals to be Bible teachers and pastors. Currently with nearly 100 enrolled in four campuses in Ukraine, Russia, and Siberia.


Russian teenagers in the United States face some tough cultural and spiritual struggles. GWIM has an ongoing youth ministry through Dr. Alexey Kolomiytsev and his team.


Russians around the world are hungry for the Word of God. Using tape ministry, radio, television, satellite simulcasts and the internet, Word of Grace Bible Church is reaching hundreds of thousands each year. Alexey Kolomitsev’s Russian language webpage is a treasure trove of Biblical resources, and receives thousands of visits every month.
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