Europe Mission Work:


GlobeWorks International has partnered and is today in alliance with certain Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, and Bible churches in the Cotswold region near Oxford and in London proper. Our staff and North American church team members have ministered in public evangelism and conference speaking in the southern United Kingdom and in Edinburgh to the north.

GlobeWorks is in partnership with teams in the UK who actively reach out to the 41,000 Pakistani Muslim Immigrants in the suburbs of London.  We have been taking teams 2-3 times per year to come alongside the missionaries to work daily in street and door-to-door evangelism.  Not only does this help build relationships within the Muslim community, it strengthens and invigorates the missionaries who have “their feet on the ground” in the often frustratingly slow process of building trust in order to share the saving Gospel of our God of love.


The Petrou family, GWIM’s friends and affiliates in Athens, have devoted their lives to missionary work throughout Greece. Dr. Argyris Petrou is a professor and Administrative Director of the Greek Bible Institute.

“House of Damaris” is a safe house for Greek and Albanian victims of prostitution.  Dina Petrou is seeking to enlarge this ministry to be able to not only give the women a safe place to stay, but to teach them skills so they might support themselves and in some cases their families in order NOT to have to return to being slaves of prostitution.


We hope to be able to continue to support these missionaries and their amazing work. If you feel moved to give to a specific Mission or Missionary you can do so online. Be sure to indicate where/who you want your donation to go to!